A Unified Solution for Streamlined Operations

From customer acquisition to service fulfillment and beyond, Radian IoT improves the complete life cycles of managing what you build and how you sell it to improve margins. Radian eliminates the number of applications and processes needed across multiple dealership locations for the manufacturer by unifying manufacturers and their dealers in the decision-making process with one shared platform.


Radian allows for the opportunity to go to market faster which in turn will lower development costs for launching your product for customers and dealers alike.


Reach more customers by transforming your product’s journey through the supply chain by deploying insight to your sales team with real time intelligence.


Improve coordination between manufacturers and dealers to deliver higher customer satisfaction through a streamlined data sharing platform.


  • Reports the location and product features of every unit in inventory
  • Counts the number of days in inventory and highlights aged inventory
  • Calculates the delivery time of in-transit inventory and locates delayed shipments
  • Notifies when inventory has been relocated outside the parameters of dealer’s geofence
  • Captures acutal retail delivery date
  • Registers consumer warranty automatically
  • Improves production efficiencies by revealing configuration trends that sell faster
  • Provides metrics for fine tuning incentive programs
  • Delivers activity reports associated with product demonstration 


  • Determines the actual date and time of possession to eliminate ambiguity of ownership for warranty related claims
  • Monitors the health of the boat or vehicle
  • Identifies service issues early and remotely
  • Effectively manage recalls
  • Provides data based on total hours used to guide warranty policy
  • Reduces the number of trips to the dealer to provide advance notice of problems
  • Provides consumer with brand extension on the platform/smartphone
  • Provides a real-time market share analysis

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