Big Data + IoT = Intelligent Services

About Radian

Radian IoT, Inc. (“Radian”) leverages real-time big data collection and predictive analytics to provide supply chain optimization, intelligent logistics, and asset management solutions to the marine industry.

Radian’s platform addresses multiple, significant deficiencies in the current industry’s processes, most notably the ability to track sales trends in real time, identify the physical location of boats, and the ability to monitor boat health, performance and usage, from the factory floor to the water.

Currently, boat manufacturers have a significant lag in retail sales data. Lenders must send personnel to manually account for inventory; Dealers order out of habit without general market data and insurers are unable to track these valuable assets and have no way of knowing if insured assets are securely located.

While competitors focus solely on the dealer & end-customer, Radian is uniquely positioned via strong industry relationships to launch a marine telematics solution that benefits all key stakeholders.


Real time sales analytics, product configuration data, and dealer inventory analysis reduces inventory carrying costs and obsolescence.


Detailed product configuration analysis provides insights into local market demand for boat models, options and accessories.

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